Sacred Music & Kīrtan Concert with Sheela Bringi

 — (EDT, UTC-04) — (EDT, UTC-04)

Serenity Farm, 13219 Boyce Mill Rd, Durham

This is an outdoor concert at the beautiful Serenity Farm. Bring a blanket to sit/lay on the grass. In the case of rain, concert will be in a covered outdoor area.

An evening of sacred music with Indian harpist, vocalist and bamboo flautist Sheela Bringi & Friends. Experience lush, modern renditions of Indian devotional ballads (bhajans), traditional call-and-response chanting (kīrtan), and sublime North Indian musical modes (rāga). Your spirit will be uplifted, centered and soothed by the ethereal strings of the harp and dilruba... the ecstatic rhythms of the tabla and bass... and the earthen winds of the bansuri and harmonium.

"A captivating synthesis of East and West with Sheela’s exceptional voice soaring above all else. Sublime!" - Light of Consciousness Magazine


Sheela Bringi - voice, harp, bansuri

Noah Rouse Wilson, IV - dilruba & hammered dulcimer

Robin Sukhadia - tabla

Brent Kuecker - voice, bass, harmonium